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A new semi-illustrated book about Chaldean Babylonians by the distinguished historian Amer Hanna Fatuhi.



Walking With Native Mesopotamians 5300 B.C. - Present

Dear All,

I have been working tirelessly on writing and illustrating my upcoming book, CHALDEAN LEGACY. This compelling book is an exciting and well-crafted project for all Chaldeans and friends. More importantly, it will be an overwhelming surprise to both Western readers and scholars alike, mainly because it depicts rich and profound information while conveying the facts in a simplified and illustrated manner. The explicit facts of this book will be as bright as the sun, which no one can deny.
However, my experience during the publishing of my 2012 book (The Untold Story of Native Iraqis / Chaldeans) was an uncomfortable one. Despite the fact, I spent years studying, preparing and writing that 550-page Chaldean encyclopedic book. I also hired professional translators for more than two years. Not to mention, a budget allocation of $ 40,000, yet, most of the promises made to me before printing the book were vanished in the thin air.

The new book's budget is estimated at $ 20,000 and the deadline for starting its publication
is the end of July. This non-for-profit is not a personal project. In fact, it belongs
to every Chaldean and friend worldwide. I am writing this book for many great goals,
the most important of which is to educate Chaldeans and friends, as well as to win the support
of the international decision-makers if we want to ensure a bright future for Chaldeans. 

I am ready to cover half of the book's estimated costs hoping that the Chaldean institutions and Chaldean activists would cover the second half of the expenses, for “one hand does not clap”.
The importance of this initiative is quite significant, whether the donation is one dollar or one hundred, any kind of donation will make a difference. The goal behind supporting the book by our own Chaldeans and friends is to show the entire world that Chaldeans care and Chaldean history matters. This path will also ensure the delivery of the vital message of the book to the interested readers in English and Arabic.

Donors’ Benefits:
- One or more autographed copies of the published book by the author.
- I will also publish the names of the donors, along with a special Letter of Sincere Thanks on the official website of the book.
- In addition to that, I will publish the list of donors as well as the special Letter of Sincere Thanks on all friends, allied websites, and associated social media pages, and other worldwide media outlets in both English and Arabic. 
This is the least I can do to express my love and gratitude to those goodhearted Chaldeans, because if it is not for their essential role in covering part of the expenses of the book, this dream will not come true.

For those who wish to donate now anywhere in the world, you can use the PayPal link on the main page CHALDEAN LEGACY at the website below:

Very Gratefully Yours,

Amer Hanna Fatuhi
Visual Artist, Professional Writer, & Historian

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