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The Untold Story of Native Iraqis The Light Hurts Bats ... Truth Hurts Deceivers

The Untold Story of Native Iraqis
The Light Hurts Bats ... Truth Hurts Deceivers

A Defamatory Smear Campaign Against The Indigenous People of Iraq | Chaldeans & Amer Hanna Fatuhi

Ḥayya A’amma Kaldaya

* Amer Hanna Fatuhi *

Two things cannot be long hidden: the Sun & the Chaldean ethnic identity

Refuting the ongoing vicious and utterly false manner smear campaign
Planned and Executed by the So-called 20th Century Assyrian Racist Cult, Who are living the Permanent State of Fear being exposed by the common sense historical facts! ~ Amer Hanna Fatuhi

The Untold Story of Native Iraqis | Chaldean Mesopotamian 5300 BC - Present
Author: Amer Hanna-Fatuhi
Publisher: Xlibris US
Pages: 550
Format: Hardcover | ISBN 13: 978-1-4691-9688-6
Soft-cover | ISBN 13: 978-1-4691-9687-9
eBook | ISBN 13:  978-1-4691-9689-3
Publication Date: April 2012

The Untold Story of Native Iraqis: Chaldean Mesopotamians 5300 BC - Present 
Hardcover – April 16, 2012
The Untold Story of Native Iraqis Chaldean Mesopotamians 5300 Bc – Present by: Amer Hanna-Fatuhi A groundbreaking work that further explores the true identity of the indigenous people of Iraq, Chaldean-Mesopotamians is presented in the compelling book titled The Untold Story of Native Iraqis written by author Amer Hanna-Fatuhi. Hanna-Fatuhi worked for two years and spent over a quarter of a century researching the history of the region. This book perfectly illuminates the antiquity of Babylon and the indigenous people of the region next to other well-known and obscure ethnic groups. It allows for a more profound awareness of the Iraqi people's individuality as well as the country's social and political dynamics. |

NOTE: Before writing this article, I thought a lot about linkage. I did not want to increase traffic to propaganda blog, website, and other social media tools by linking to them--but I did want readers to be able to see the kind of evil and nastiness involved. Thus, most of the smear sites were presented here via images.

What is the Personal Attack and Smear?
According to Nizkor Project Fallacy, “a personal attack is committed when a person substitutes abusive remarks for evidence when attacking another person's claim or claims. It also means, making of an abusive remark on or relating to one's person instead of providing evidence when examining another person's claims or comments, while smear is to stain or attempt to destroy the reputation of someone.

However, no matter how many Facebook pages, blogs, websites, YouTube, and other social media will be created by anti-Chaldeans, politically motivated anonymous scary writers to smear Chaldeans and my book through vicious personal attacks, yet no scholar can deny the below bright facts, which they are the pillars of my book:

An Academic Scholar vs. Politically Motivated Ghosts
Scientific Equation in Six Steps
That The 20th Century Invented Assyrian Cult Cannot Deny

Almost every credible historical and Biblical source agrees that the names “Babylonia” and “Assyria” are “regional” names, and the inhabitants of these two regions took their designations as “Babylonians” and “Assyrians” from those regions’ names, as nowadays Iraqis and Americans take their national names (designations) from Iraq and America

Almost every credible historical and Biblical source agrees that all “Assyrian” local dynasties came from Babylonian origin

Almost every credible historical and Biblical source agrees that “Chaldeans” are themselves the ancient “Babylonians”

Almost every credible historical and Biblical source agrees that Chaldeans “ethnically” are the founders of both regions, "Babylonia" and "Assyria"

Almost every credible historical and Biblical source agrees that the first and the last Mesopotamian king was descendant of “Chaldean - Babylonian” ancestors.

Almost every credible historical and Biblical source agrees on a scientific and logical fact that because Mesopotamian “Assyrians” came from the Mesopotamian “Babylonians” and because “Chaldeans” are themselves the ancient “Babylonians” then, logically, the ancient local “Assyrians” are therefore “Chaldeans”

Who is who?
Who would decide who is who and who would you trust? … The politically motivated ghosts who created several immoral fake asocial media accounts impersonating the author to smear his book and his reputation, which is a low-life practice that no decent person who has a bit of honesty or ethic dare to do, yet those who are waging this pathetic smearing campaign were and still doing. The tangible evidences below “images” and “text” can tell, alternatively, do we have to trust the attacked author who his life is an open book. A professional writer, who his strong stands and positions against any kind of corruption or wrongdoing practices is well documented since he was in his early twenties

To learn about the book and the author, I humbly invite you all to visit the two links below:
Learn & Appreciate the Diehard Native Iraqis’ History
Chaldean Mesopotamians 5300BC - Present
An Interview with Amer Hanna Fatuhi on the 3rd Anniversary of his Book Release

One of the fake social media pages that its initiator has impersonates me to start this despicable smear page! … I have never been aware of this fake WIKIPEDIA page until I was contacted by a friend on Aug. 31, 2015. My illegitimate name, wrong dates, the fabricated bio, and other contents are nothing but a sick joke. However, what would one expect from delusional forgers?

One simple two-part-question may everyone ask, why this vicious and well-planned campaign against the author of the book The Untold Story of Native Iraqis was waged in mid 2015, and not three years earlier, when the book was released for the first time in English in 2012?
The second part of the question is; why this campaign is waged by members of a political motivated cult and not by reliable scholars?  

The answer is quite simple: “Bats cannot fly under the sun light”, so in order to fly they need to darken the sky! It is like cowards who are always cowards; they cannot face you in a fair combat, but they are the masters of disguising and stabbing you in the back!

Why Now? … Evil & Deceitful Groups Will Always Try To Manipulate!
The Arabic version of my latest book in English entitled Chaldeans Since the Early Beginning of Time was published twice in the US in 2004 and Iraq in 2008. During that time, I have challenged two top so-called Assyrian scholars, “Dr. Behnam Abu Al-Souf and Dr. Donny George”, and that took place after refuting their false claims and their so-called Assyrian propaganda.
Both of them ran away from debating the published facts, because they know what I am stating is true, and because they know me very well, ever since I was studying and researching this field and writing about it, as well as writing critiques on a weekly basis in national and international magazines since the late 70s in Iraq.
It is all documented via public domain articles. Anyone can easily Google them by simply searching for my name along with theirs. Alternatively, visit the two links below:
The above two articles are in Arabic. Therefore, if you are incapable of reading them, just let someone translate them for you. However, the below link is in English:
Furthermore, since my latest book was published in April 2012, many book reviews and articles were written by professional writers and well-known scholars, Chaldeans and non-Chaldeans, who were very satisfied and agreed on. Not to mention, receiving tens of letters and appreciative messages from prominent scholars and other intellectuals since my book was published. Below are a few samples out of many published reviews, by professional writers and scholars not by the anonymous ghosts who have reached a new low-level of defamatory:

Amer Hanna-Fatuhi has provided a creditable statement of the claims of the Chaldean Mesopotamians to their place in history.  His work provides a valuable resource to all people of today, whatever their ethnic background, who are curious to understand the historical connections of the modern nation of Iraq and its people, to its ancient historical connections to the Mesopotamia we were introduced to so many years ago in grade school.” ~ Reviewed by Dr. Prof. Mary C. Sengstock, Ph.D., Wayne State University -

The premises outlined in this book might provide inspiration for new interpretations by historians, archaeologists, linguists, sociologists and scholars of comparative science and religion, as well as those engaged in the study of social sciences, philosophy and biblical studies. Thus, this book can provide fertile ground for considerable research. ~ Amy Daniel, Book review specialist - Babylon Newspaper

“Hanna-Fatuhi’s commitment to the survival of the Chaldean population in Iraq is demonstrated by his dedication to researching, understanding and sharing the true history of Iraq in “The Untold Story of Native Iraqis”. ~ Karen Schultz Tarnopol | Jewish News Writer

“This book pinpoints the antiquity of Mesopotamia and its indigenous peoples, Chaldeans and Iraqi Jews. It surpasses the conventional perspective in tackling the chronological history of the die-hard Chaldean nation. It leads the reader into an unknown territory that no scholar has ventured to write about due to the vocal objections echoed by traditional scholars. The fundamental argument of this book is linking the proto-kaldi, indigenous people of Iraq, with the modern day Chaldeans, while highlighting their outstanding achievements in every walk of life.” ~ Review by the Chaldean Detroit Times

Nevertheless, my book and letters to officials all over the world, brought an awareness toward the indigenous people of Iraq “Chaldeans”, on the other hand, it exposed the ongoing false propaganda of the 20th Century Invented people, the so-called Assyrian cult.
The common sense historical facts within my book and letters to officials were a slap on the face for these night creatures. Exposing their politically motivated false agenda on that high level of decision makers, which could stop funding them on behalf the persecuted native Iraqis was the only reason behind their rage and the unbelievable level of hate toward my book and me. It is also worth mentioning that my book has exposed beyond doubt their false propaganda to hijack the identity of the indigenous people of Iraq “Chaldeans”.

Since my latest certified letter that was mailed to the US Secretary of State, the Honorable John Kerry, on February 11, 2015, which you can read on the link below:
The so-called Assyrian cult is living in a state of rage and fear that their ongoing false political agenda might be exposed to the worldwide leaders and decision makers. However, instead of debating, the contents of my letter included solid facts about these delusional, 1884 coined-name, 1918 imported people from Turkey and Iran; they wickedly started a new smear campaign concentrating on discrediting me through a group of politically motivated ghosts who have no history or achievements.

This attempt can be easily defeated by the known facts and tangible documents that were published in my latest book The Untold Story of Native Iraqis. Those delusional ghosts who are planning to waste my time and energy on side-battles are well-organized members of anti-Chaldean political movement.  They are deceiving themselves by believing outrageous things, such as Assyrians of the past were an ethnic group, not inhabitant of a state who they were originally Babylonians moved to the north from Babylon and its suburbs according to almost every credible historical and Biblical source.

Questioning the author’s credibility by members of politically motivated cult on the above sick joke blog “The fabrication of Iraqi history”, is quite laughable. The anonymous writer does not even know the simplest facts about the major symbols of ancient Mesopotamia, by referring to God Shamash symbol as Goddess Ishtar symbol. However, their entire argument about my book credibility is based on God Shamash symbol. Is such incapable writer qualified to judge the author’s work?

Despite all the financial and moral support by the political powers inside Iraq and abroad to discredit Chaldeans and legitimize this 1918-imported group from Turkey and Iran they failed to confuse and win the hearts and minds of the indigenous people of Iraq “Chaldeans”.
If we put aside the educational efforts of his Excellency Bishop Mar Sarhad Y. Jammo, then I was the only scholarly voice who stood up to right the wrong and state in English what no other Chaldean leader (secular or sectarian) dares to say openly, strongly and clearly. Simply because, these hallucinated politicians did not hesitate in the past to assassin their own patriarch who rejected their false political claim and pressure to recognize them as an ethnic group under the 20th century invented Assyrian cult’s name.

One may also take into consideration that this extremist cult’s leaders, through the radical movement known by the name the Assyrian Universal Alliance have already assassinated their own Patriarch Mar Shimun Eshai XXIII in November 6, 1975 at the door of his home in San Jose, California through one of their brainwashed members David Malek Ismail.
The actual reason behind this assassination was because this brave Patriarch refused to designate this 20th century cult as Assyrian and for rejecting their political pressure to change his ancestor’s Patriarchic seal from stating “Chaldean Patriarch” to “Assyrian Patriarch”.
When his attempt to resign was rejected, he then married so he would not be forced to stay and bow to the political pressure that he was facing from the Assyrian Universal Alliance’s leaders.


The funny thing is that those dark-minded, politically motivated attackers who cannot recognize or understand the big differences between ancient Mesopotamian symbols, are also incapable of understanding the academic terms, such as nationality, ethnicity, and do not have the basic knowledge about ancient Mesopotamia. That is why; they could not do anything but to use an illustration that was placed in my 550-page book to make their sick claim. This same illustration was explained among other illustrations as made that way by the author to avoid any copyright issue. Once again, out of 550 page Academic study they have nothing but to dance around an illustrated image that was added in the last minute to fill an empty page as part of the layout requirement.

The deceptive YouTube

Another Laughable Example by This Sick Joke Cult
Amer Hanna Shendaj “Fatuhi” Must be Prosecuted for
Human Rights Violations!

The same racist members of the so-called Assyrian cult have filed an online petition based on the most insane and ridiculous reasons. Such petitions have no value or meaning as they well know. Yet, their main goal is to spread negative propaganda that may negatively affect whoever is seeking to learn about Chaldeans.
Swamping the social media with such defamatory practices will be resulted in appearing of those smearing writings on the top-page of any Google search as well as other search engines, which in turn make the book, looks bad in the eyes of those who have no background about Iraq’s history. However, no professional librarian whether works at a public library or a university will take such defamatory content seriously. The book is over shelves in bookstores, online bookstores, and public libraries all over the world. It is also # 1 Chaldean book for more than three years according to the Chaldean Gift Corner poll in Michigan.

Tens of books and academic studies were published about the so-called 20th century Assyrian cult stating based on tangible documents that, the political term Assyrian was used for the first time to label the mountain inhabitants of Hakkari (Turkey) by the British intelligence agency in 1884. However, it was not officially adopted by the leaders of that cult until 1976. This is a well-documented fact not fiction. This fact has nothing to do with any kind of Human Rights violations except in the brained washed members of this counterfeit cult.

The absurd thing about the statement of those delusional bigots, who filed the petition to persecute the author who his intention is to educate them and pull them out of the fantasy world they are living in, reminds me of similar cases of drug addicts who refuse to quit so that they can be high 24/7!

The two of most ridiculous reasons that these politically motivated bigots believe in as sacred and untouchable facts do not match the following historical facts:
“1- the Nestorian tribes of Qochanis were relocated to Iran then Iraq in 1918 under the new made-up name Assyrians", which was not accepted by the majority until 1976.
2- The term Assyriology; neither is an ethnic name nor related to the Turkish-Nestorian imported group.”
The above two statements have been scientifically proven accurate. However, this cult’s members believe that whoever agrees with them must be prosecuted!

More Despicable Accusations by This Counterfeit Cult

The disgraceful accusation of violating human rights was presented and refuted in the previous paragraph. The following demonstrates the absurdity and meaninglessness of their second false claim about re-writing history by forging an image, which is a complete falsehood that was mentioned by the author himself many times since 2012.
From either their narrow-minded viewpoint and lack of knowledge in the field of ancient Mesopotamian history or by not doing their homework accurately, or both, they regard it as a forgery as it was presented on the fake Facebook account that was created on July 8, 2015, impersonating me to attack my book:

It is now apparent to all that this accusation of forgery was launched by imposters who forged a false Facebook account that illegally impersonates the author. Despite this level of dishonesty, examining the below false claim can easily prove how lowlife these imposters are!

Left the original illustration on P22 “not P24” that was placed on an empty page before starting Part one of my latest book!
That page, is also not part of any discussion or any kind of re-writing history as the masters of this deceptive campaign claiming?!!

Once again and again, nothing but dancing around the same above mentioned illustration!
In his publication entitled 'The untold story of native Iraqis', Fatuhi provides for descriptive text in regards to the 'Mušḫuššu' (Babylonian mythological figure) on page 24. Referencing one image in particular, an ancient bass relief depicting the cuneiform inscription "Kal-du"- Akkadian transliteration to the English word “Chaldea”. Upon careful investigation and examination, the visual data cited appeared to have experienced a high degree of digital manipulation in way to enhance and encourage the visual-artist's intended interpretation.

For someone who was and is still targeted by this 20th century extremist cult, I could not but help smile when I learned about the YouTube video that was made regarding the above image; its link was sent to me in mid-June or the beginning of July 2015.
I did not initially thinking of responding in detail to such an improper claim because this would indirectly mean that I would increase traffic to their propaganda. However, learning about the other media outlet tools that were launched by the same exact group to smear me changed my position.

1- The Facebook account, which is smearing my reputation and making a big deal out of a single illustration that was placed inside the book at the last minute just to fill out an extra empty page, is not a genuine Facebook account in the first place as explained above.
Impersonating others is simply an illegal practice and a criminal act that violates every known ethical criteria, standard and value. Although, what can one expect from a group of indecent imposters (criminals) whose sole intention is to carry on an improper claim?

2- The Untold Story of Native Iraqis was released in April 2012, yet the Facebook page and the other parts of this well-planned campaign are only using and recycling this single poor, unreliable image that was cut out of a full page.
In addition, it is quite laughable to use hilarious sentences such as “Upon careful investigation and examination” when referring to what? In reference to one of the most famous Babylonian tablets known to every scholar in the field of ancient Mesopotamia. Not to mention, it is effortlessly accessible to everyone at the British Museum and worldwide by all possible media.

Furthermore, this same image among other montages, were mentioned by the author a couple of times via articles and interviews that took place post publishing the book. In fact, the author in the first place explained why he had to use mixed images with extra text within the illustrations that were included in his book. One clear example was published on the “Future Media USA” an online magazine on October 9th 2012, where the claimed image was published among other images and beneath it with a text stating:  Illustrations: Grouping and Montage images, images mixed with additional texts and more”. In the end, there was nothing hidden nor was it applicable to this sick-minded group and their false and immoral claim! October 9th 2012

However, despite the several media outlets that were used by that hateful group in order to personally attack me, hoping that by killing the messenger’s reputation they could kill the message, this tactic was proven unsuccessful time after time, especially when it comes to ruining someone who has my high level of integrity and well-documented statements.
The main point is: where are the so-called Assyrian scholars who failed to debate or challenge the contents of my book in the last three years?
Moreover, why are the only ones who are running this hateful campaign now these delusional imbeciles?
Obviously, that is why; they could come up with a less famous artifact and more convincing claim during these long three years to support their false claim.

3- Since no so-called Assyrian scholar dares to challenge the contents of my book, these imposters have no other option but to intentionally twist my related statements that were made in the last three years via multiple media outlets. The last statements of my two-part interview were made in the first week of April and were published on www.Kaldaya.ent in Arabic. Then, they were posted once again in English in the first half of May.
These forgers might succeed in disabling my authentic Facebook page that covered the illustration and the technique that I used to avoid any copyright matters, but the aforementioned interview that was conducted by a prominent scholar in the field of ancient Mesopotamia shocked the earth beneath this cult’s leaders and radical activists.

My answers since 2012 were straightforward and clear about the many illustrations that I had included within my book and why some illustrations included additional texts or mixed images that are not part of the original images. See Future Media USA’s interview dated October 9th 2012 as well as my answers to Q1 and Q2, “An Interview with Amer Hanna Fatuhi on the 3rd Anniversary of his Book Release” | Part 2 at the link below:

With respect to that image in which I added the word Kal-du in cuneiform, I was supposedly included the word Kalu in Latin as well in the same spot. However, because the small image was in black and white and the space was too small, I decided to put one word only inside the image and the other one on top of it. I arbitrarily chose the cuneiform to be placed inside that famous image and the Latin to be placed on the outside.

4- Finally, to those 20th century Assyrians who have no certainty about their ethnic roots and do not know the historical facts, I would like to state the following:
The aforementioned terracotta is what this cult’s mercenaries are making a big deal of, using my October 2012 statement as the basis for their 2015 claim; this terracotta is known as a BABYLONIAN artifact.  It belongs to one of the three Chaldean Babylonian dynasties (8th, 9th and 10th) or more convincingly the last Chaldean Empire’s dynasty, the Neo-Babylonian Dynasty.
After all, it belongs to the Chaldeans of Mat Kaldi in which the term Kaldu was applying to the entire country at that time; see: The Old Testament | Ezekiel 1:3 … Book of Prophet Ezekiel around 6th century B.C.
“The word of the LORD came expressly unto Ezekiel the priest, the son of Buzi, in the land of the CHALDEANS by the river Chebar/Khabur; and the hand of the LORD was there upon him.”

The above map conveys the ancient historical territory that used to be known as Mat Kal-du (Chaldea) during the Prophet Ezekiel’s time around 6th century B.C.

Therefore, no matter what the reason for the word Kaldu being placed there, I have included my clear answer during the October 9th 2012 and April 2015 interviews as “part of a process to avoid any copyright issue”. The fact of the matter is there was no forgery whatsoever that was committed, as these bigots are initially claiming. This is because the artifact is not Chinese or even British, but rather a Chaldean artifact from Mat Kaldu as was proven by both the tangible Mesopotamian antiquities and the Holy Bible. Eventually, every single word that was included in the page in both Latin letters and cuneiform are authentic and only present true and factual information.

Conclusion: If these immoral imposters who illegally opened a Wikipedia page and a Facebook account impersonating me could not debate but that single illustration out of the 550 pages of my book that was made during the layout of the pages, then this can answer why their so-called Assyrian scholars are so terrified to debate the solid facts of the entire book.
It also explains why the only party that is behind this lowlife smearing campaign is just a bunch of hateful, delusional spammers who are politically motivated and fully loaded with hate!

Facts Not Fantasy Are What Matter

For this cult and its leaders, it is always about power and control. For me, my personal history, my stand against dictatorship, my sacrifices and the consequences that I have faced for standing firm with the victims and opposing the wrongdoings in my homeland Iraq can tell a lot; read P61 of the link below (Voices Against the Darkness):
On the other hand, for those ghosts who are running this despicable smearing propaganda machine and to the readers who are interested in learning about this delusional cult and its leaders’ evil political agenda, visit the link below to read the complete article entitled “TRUTH PREVAILS”:

Here, I would like you all to once agai read the interview that was done by the respectful scholar in the field of Mesopotamian history, Mr. Nazar Malakh, M.A. at the two links below:

You can also read the book and have your own opinion by obtaining your own copy. However, before doing that, I will leave you with two studies, not by the anonymous writers like the ones who are involved in the smearing Facebook page and YouTube account, but by two professional writers, including Dr. Mary Mary C. Sengstock, Ph.D., Professor of Sociology, Wayne State University, who wrote three books about Chaldeans at the link below:

Courtesy of