Wednesday, December 13, 2023

The Rivers and marshes Are Dying & Iraq Too!


Mesopotamia The Land of No Rivers!

The Eternal Tigris & Euphrates Rivers,

The Marshes Are Dying & Land of Eden Too! 

Say NO to the Iranian, Turkey, & Kuwait Unspoken Genocide!

Please Speak Out Loud!


No Thanks to the big oil companies, Erdoğan’s regime, the Iranian theocratic regime, and other anti-Iraq haters.

In less than two and a half decades since Iraq lost its sovereignty in 2003, every neighboring country has taken advantage of the power vacuum in Iraq. What has worsened the living conditions is that all those who have been running Iraq since 2003 are anti-Iraq themselves!


It is not just that they have no love for Iraq, but they also have zero shame. It is realistic to say that they intentionally did more damage to Iraq than any inhumane invaders since our ancestors, the Chaldeans of Babylonia / Mesopotamia, lost their independence in 482 BC.

Among all the crimes they committed since 2003 (i.e., destroying the infrastructure of Iraq, obstructing the industry, agriculture, banking, and the educational system, etc.), I will focus on one unbelievable, heinous crime: drying Iraq's water resources!


Many tributaries of the Tigris River originate in Iran. Since 2008, due to the vacuum of power in Iraq, the Iranian regime has blocked the water of the Diyala River and redirected the courses of 19 brooks, streams, and creeks that flow from their sources in Iran and empty their water into the Tigris or the marshes.


After the 2003 regime change in Iraq, Turkey dared for the first time to commit an international water crime by violating Article 109 of the Treaty of Lausanne (1923), and all the international agreements signed between Iraq and Turkey, including the most important treaty, the 1946 Treaty of Friendship and Good Neighborhood.


Whenever there is an evil committed against Iraq, the hateful Kuwaiti regime is always involved. In April 2010, the Kuwaiti regime financed a Syrian project that altered the course of the Tigris River and forcibly diverted the flow into Syrian territory through the Ain Diwar Canal, which is an artificial canal with a length of 29 kilometers.


Unfortunately, experts predict that by 2040, if Iraq does not solve this catastrophic crisis while the entire world is watching tongue-tied, then Iraq will lose its water source. Drying Mesopotamia's eternal rivers is drastically changing the ecosystem, endangering plants and all kinds of species, including livestock, fish, marsh buffalo, and rare birds that have been living or migrating to the marshes for over one hundred thousand years. Death will be widespread, they will become extinct and Mesopotamia, the Garden of Eden and the Land of Two Rivers will be referred to as the Land of No Rivers!

Where are the human rights organizations?

Where are the animal rights organizations?

Where are the Climate change Organizations?

This is an Unspoken GENOCIDE to the people, to the animals, to the plants, and to every living thing in the Land of Firsts!

Please Speak Out Loud, because if you do not, then you are siding with those who intentionally are committing Genocide. Clear & Simple!


~ Amer Hanna Fatuhi, Ph.D.

Visual Artist & Historian

Thursday, December 7, 2023

Bring Them Home Now!


Help Bring The Abducted Civilian Israelis Home!

עם ישראל חי


As a visual artist and historian, I strongly condemn antisemitism and any kind of hate speech or act against natives and minorities. The acts of terrorism perpetrated against innocent Israeli citizens on October 7th by Hamas beasts is one of the most gruesome, inhumane acts of terrorism, which is similar to the horrific atrocity that ISIS, Hezbollah, and Iranian Islamist militias have been committing against Chaldeans (native Iraqi Christians), Jews, Mandaeans, Yazidis in Iraq, Syriac and Jews of Syria, and Maronite Christians in Lebanon for decades! 

On October 7th, the Islamist monsters of Hamas raped, killed, burned, and beheaded innocent Israelis, as well as kidnapped babies, children, young females, and other civilians, including Holocaust survivors. 

The enclosed cards show my support for Israel and the Jewish people worldwide. Please fight hate, bigotry, and antisemitism by sharing them with your list of contacts. We have to bring the innocent kidnapped Israeli civilians back now! 

Bring Them Home Now!


~ Amer

 Amer Hanna Fatuhi, Ph.D.

Visual Artist & Historian