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The Untold Story of Native Iraqis ... Under Attack Again

The Untold Story of Native Iraqis ... Under Attack Again

By the Same Politically Motivated Bigots
The so-called 20th Century Assyrian Cult

Ḥayya A’amma Kaldaya

Hatred is the coward's revenge for being intimidated.”George Bernard Shaw

The unsatisfied, amateurish hypocrites who are smearing the 2012 groundbreaking book The Untold Story of Native Iraqis are once again proven beyond any reasonable doubt to be nothing more than a bunch of politically motivated and brainwashed bigots, who consider themselves members of the so-called 20th century Assyrian cult. This obvious fact can tell a lot about these cowardly imbeciles and their ongoing campaign of hate and thuggery.

“Successful people will always be mocked by those who feel smaller than them."

Other than these delusional racists who use slanderous tactics, no one has ever attacked my book or me since its first release in Arabic in 2004 (almost twelve years ago) and in its English version in 2012 (four years ago). In fact, there is not even a single disagreement with my 550-pages worth of facts made by any scholar in this wide and rich field of ancient history. The book has been met with critical acclaim as a piece of influential and educational work of both knowledge and history.

Furthermore, ask yourself this: why on Earth are these individuals, websites, YouTube, and Facebook pages waging this kind of a lowlife smear campaign? One can easily ascertain that they are all members of the so-called Assyrian parties or sympathizers of this hilarious ethnicity, the 20th century Assyrian cult.  This mostly illiterates mountain cult was imported to Iraq by the British in 1918, and officially adopted their new false identity “Assyrians” through their religious leaders out of insecurity and fear of assassination in London, England in 1976!

One particularly memorable and indeed heinous murder is the assignation of Mar Eshai Shimun XXIII in California, on November 6, 1975 by the hand of David Malek Ismail, a fanatical, brainwashed politician and hardcore member of the most racist political group, The Assyrian Universal Alliance Foundation. Patriarch Mar Eshai Shimun XXIII was senselessly murdered because of his courageous refusal to not change his Chaldean Patriarchal Seal to Assyrian or to adopt the phony, 20th century made-up name “Assyrian”.

Patriarchal Seal of Shimun Dynasty, the seal-center reads: The humbled Shimun, Patriarch of the Chaldeans

My last question to these brainwashed fanatics is this: in regards to the 20th century Assyrian cult, do you honestly believe that the world’s intellectuals are unqualified and naive scholars, simply because they do not share your shallow-minded views or your evil propaganda? I’ve had not one single instance of reprisals or any issues in regards to the well-researched facts and contents of my book other than from these individuals.
Also, my book was highly regarded by many scholars from all around the world, including the experts at the Australian Ministry of Immigration who approved my short academic study Chaldean Legacy about the Chaldean ethnicity, which was derived from my latest book The Untold Story of Native Iraqis.

The latest below attack by an individual with not one identifiable achievement whatsoever in the field of history or any other academic studies, is just another example of how my book’s light could disturb the dark and evil propagandist practices of the so-called 20th century Assyrian cult.
It also highlights how my book’s facts can dismiss the ongoing smear campaign of the aforementioned cult solely composed of politically motivated bigots, working day and night in order to hijack the legitimate identity of Chaldeans as the indigenous people of Iraq, the cradle of civilization.

Clear samples as to who’s waging this lowlife smear campaign
Such a cowardly and false post coming from such a bigot and his associates, who consider themselves members of one of the most hateful and racist cults to date, the so-called (20th century Assyrian cult), is nothing more than a complement to me. This is simply because it clearly demonstrates the impactful success, influence and notoriety of The Untold Story of Native IraqisChaldean Mesopotamians 5300 BC - Present.

For those of you who may be wondering as to why this cult’s member are specifically targeting my book and I, my answer is quite simple: because the second part of my book covers the 14 misconceptions that were created by the so-called Assyrians' political parties to discredit Chaldeans, who are the only legitimate, indigenous people of Iraq.

Refuting these misconceptions and exposing their lies and false identity for their leader means losing power and control and for the average members of this hateful cult, it can be an eye opening experience into reality. This proves that they were nothing but a herd of fools for more than four decades. Either way, they are a cult of corrupt leaders and hungry hyenas who do not hesitate to turn on each other and pounce due to their flagrant greediness and uncivilized, viscous behavior.

If one book (The Untold Story of Native Iraqis) and one letter that was sent to Secretary of State, the Hon. John Kerry, can make these frightened night creatures live a 24/7 nightmare and test hell on Earth, then what could ten books and ten letters do? Just imagine!

CECA President's Letter to Secretary of State the Hon. John Kerry

This individual and his associates who are hiding behind their computers to wage hateful attacks against me are no men. They are just a few paranoid, delusional bigots attempting to silence my free speech all because they feel as if no one else will stand up for the truth. It is actually quite hilarious, yet so disgraceful at the same time that the only thing they could come up with to attack me after more than thirty years of my diligent work on the Native Chaldeans (the indigenous people of Iraq) is an illustration. Funny, it is not that obvious when you know that this illustration and its technical details were mentioned first by me (the author), not by anybody else. October 9, 2012

To those of you who do not know about this illustration, I would like to say that my statement about how I mixed modern text with other images as part of one educational method was made public on October 9, 2012 by me and by no one else. This all transpired during an interview about my book on the digital magazine entitled Future Media USA, in which the claimed forged image by these deceivers was published amongst other images and with an identifiable text beneath it stating: “Illustrations: Grouping and Montage images, images mixed with additional texts and more”. The main point is what forgery or falsifications of history are these lunatics talking about?
There was nothing hidden nor was it applicable to this sick-minded group and their false and immoral claim of forgery which they were and still are dancing around for the last two years!

This vile individual and his scared associates, who hide in the shadows, also recently mentioned me out of hate as the designer of the Chaldean League logo. I am not associated with this association and I did not do the logo. It was simply derived from one of the Chaldean National Flag’s visual elements by another Chaldean designer who came up with his design. Such an inaccurate statement can clearly demonstrate the unreliability of these attackers’ information.

However, this hollow campaigner of the so-called 20th century Assyrians dodged a well-known fact that would help others clearly understand my 2012 statement by any rational, thinking individual. That simple fact is: I am the winner of the two National Iraqi Flags’ international competitions in 1986 and 2008.

To those who do not know the importance of these competitions, I would like to say that these were the only two competitions held to design the Iraqi national flag since the modern formation of Iraq in 1921, almost a hundred years ago.
Winning such an honor, not once but twice, out of thousands of worldwide professional visual artists, graphic designers and international architect companies’ artworks can tell you just how professionally I perform when dealing with graphic designs including illustrations and how / when / where to use them to educate the public. It also reveals that these amateurish bigots are in fact anti-Chaldean racists, who do not hesitate as a group of misguided fanatics, who have no shame or moral compass whatsoever and are willing to stop at nothing in order to discredit a published statement and represent it after two years of making it public as an uncovered attempt to fabricate Iraq’s history.  

I actually pity them for their narrow-minded, dark thinking, trying to put themselves in an outfit that is much bigger than their microbe-sized craniums. What proves my point is that the same racist members of the so-called Assyrian cult have filed an online petition to prosecute me based on the most insane and ludicrous reasons. As such, a ridiculous petition that failed, which was based on sick accusations and shallow-minded education and did not do a thing other than expose these deceivers’ evil agenda. 

If that cult’s academic scholars are confident and wish to debate my books’ information, then just let them do it in a professional manner if they dare. It is reprehensible to twist a published statement by nobodies, i.e., the so-called Gewargis and his bad-mouthed associates, and then to publish it on multiple YouTube, Facebook and Wikipedia pages, and various other faked social media accounts in order to personally attacking me. Such lowlife shot is not going to hurt me or invalidate my academic studies that were and still are highly regarded by international scholars.

Yes, it may convince a few readers who are unaware of this subject, and it might satisfy the delusional hypocrites of this hateful cult. However, such a pathetic lie cannot last for long. This lowlife practice also tells you how blatantly unprofessional these bigots truly are, especially when the public can clearly distinguish the truth behind the continued attempts to silence my voice. I want to assure everyone, no matter what lies these zealous bigots forge in the future, truth will always prevail.

A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.” ― Mark Twain

Below are my crystal clear stances that make these evil minds cower in fear whenever they read my books, studies, articles, letters to officials and even when they hear my name, simply because the term “AMERPHOBIA” and my solid, documented work will haunt them to the ends of the Earth and beyond.  

Although these paranoid fanatics are a hopeless case, we can harken back to a quote once said by Abraham Lincoln: “you can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time”.

The 20th century Assyrian cult is not an ethnicity. Every reputable scholar knows this because the local dynasties that ruled the state of Assyria in ancient Mesopotamia (1813-612 BC) were originally Babylonians, descended from the Proto-Kaldi (5300BC). This also applies to the original Assyrians (the Shubaru) around 2250 - 1950 BC, who were originally a mix of Anatolian-Asiatic tribes. We were and still are Chaldeans. May the LORD bless Chaldeans and the beautiful USA.
The Untold Story of Native Iraqis
The Light Hurts Bats ... Truth Hurts Deceivers

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