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Why The CNF Was Copyrighted?


The Chaldean National Flag In The Loop

           Chaldeans the indigenous people of Mesopotamia are so confident of their history and remarkable heritage. Thus no Chaldean will visit a site or a Facebook page run by the so-called 20th Century Assyrian Cult to attack them or leave a message of hate behind. We are just focusing on positive messages in life and educating others about over 7300 years of Chaldeans' deep and rich history. May 17th is the Chaldean National Flag Day and I would like on this blessed occasion to explain to those who are not aware of the fact that the Chaldean National Flag CNF is also considered a masterpiece artwork. The main goal of this article is to furnish our beloved Chaldeans and friends with sufficient relevant information and particular technical details about the Chaldean National Flag, i.e., CNF Copyright. 


Before answering the hilarious question addressed every so often by some anti-Chaldean racist regarding the copyright certificate of the Chaldean National Flag, I want to bring to everybody’s attention an important point concerning the Assyrian Flag.

It is worth noting that the Chaldean Nestorians aka Aṭuraie/Chaldeaie Neṣtornaie who adopted in 1976 the ancient state name (Assyria) and falsely claimed it as an ethnic name are violating both scientific history discoveries and Biblical statements. All the historical documents assure that the modern cult's made-up name (Assyrian) was faked by the MI-6 in London, England, and embossed on these Chaldean Nestorians to use them as local pawns who could assist them in achieving their colonial mission in the Middle East. However, this false identity was never adopted officially until 1976. This unprecedented action to adopt the British made-name was taken after assassinating their superior leader, the Chaldean Nestorian Patriarch Mar Shimun XXIII Eshai on Nov. 6, 1975, who strongly refused to change his ancestor's official Church Seal from Chaldean to the 20th-century Assyrian cult fake name.

As it is well known, the designer of the 20th Century Assyrian Cult’s flag was the late George Atanous, a mere historian and definitely no artist. He was born in Russia in 1919. His parents were Chaldeaie Neṣtornaie originally from the town of Urmia, Iran. He studied for two years after high school in India (oilfields technical drawing). His design that was imposed on the 1976 cult by the Assyrian Universal Alliance AUA (a hardcore hateful group and anti-Chaldean politically motivated) was rejected for years by the majority of that cult. In fact, that inaccurate design shape and composition derived from the British flag and was openly criticized and refused by the Assyrian American Educational Association.

However, because of too much political pressure and money involved in this matter, the design was posted on the front cover of the September/October 1981 issue of the Assyrian Star magazine depicts the 1981 Miss Assyrian winner holding the so-called modern Assyrian flag.

           Despite that approval from the Assyrian American Educational Association, the design was and still is depicted today in two different shapes - with and without the top symbol of the god Shamash, who is also referred to in some sources as the god Ashur. To learn about this Egyptian / Asiatic-Anatolian symbol, read the section Relishing the Illusion in The Untold Story of Native Iraqis, Chaldean Mesopotamians 5300 BC – Present, PP 131-140. 


           The right question is: Can flag designs be copyrighted? The simplest answer is Yes, we can trademark a flag according to the International Copyright Institute. However, one may still ask why the Chaldean National Flag was copyrighted in the first place.

Due to the fact that the designer of the Chaldean National Flag is an established professional artist and a member of the International Association of Art (iaa/aiap) UNESCO Paris, since 1986, he has honored the 1954 iaa Bylaws. Any member of iaa, as well as art critics and professional artists, know the fact that I have to honor iaa 1954 bylaws and register my designs (i.e. the Chaldean National Flag).

           Incidentally, to have an idea about my artistic level, I am the only professional artist who won the two international contests to design the Iraqi National Flag in 1986 and 2008. Furthermore, this unique and unmatched design of the CNF was registered for the first time in 1986 at the Ministry of Local Government in Baghdad, Iraq. Any design or artwork is considered the intellectual property of the artist by iaa and the International Copyright Institute. The copyright registry can easily prevent others from altering or even claiming the artwork. It is also quite known that “Copyright is important as it helps to protect the value of an author/academic/researcher's work, by giving the originator of the work the ability to protect it from unlicensed or uncredited usage.”

          The 2003 Federal Court records prevented an unqualified party from claiming and altering the original design of CNF. Post-federal-court verdict, the original design is internally protected and the federal decision became law. Therefore, I decided in 2004, as the owner of the CNF intellectual property, that it was about time to publicly announce giving unlimited permission and authorization that applies to all Chaldeans worldwide to use the legitimate design of the Chaldean National Flag (CNF) as long as it would not be reshaped, reformed, altered, or modified. I also openly and publicly stated in 2004 that the official CNF design is my 100% gift to my beloved Chaldean Nation worldwide. See the link below:

Finally, I would like to thank the Chaldean Heritage Foundation for giving me this opportunity to expose the ongoing smearing messages and other attempts that are part of the continuing laughable campaign that I have faced since I began exposing one of the biggest lies in modern history, which is the 20th Century Assyrian Cult in 1999. To learn more about this ongoing personal attack, read the article at the link below:

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