Sunday, December 24, 2017


Dear Sisters & Brothers in Christ & Umta dKaldie
 أخوتي وأخواتي في المسيح والأمة الكلدانية الأعزاء ... ميلاد مجيد

"Christmas is most truly Christmas when we celebrate it by giving the light of love to those who need it most."
-- Ruth C. Stapleton

May the LORD Bless your hearts, your family, loved ones, and Speed the Homeland and our new Homes of Hope


Amer Hanna Fatuhi
& Nabu Khadnezzar’s Staff

Sunday, November 12, 2017


 The red and white and starry blue is freedom’s shield and hope.” ~ John Philip Sousa

I am not sorry if my patriotism offended you, trust me, your lack of spine offends me more.
I am proud to be an American who strongly believes that strongest weapon in the United States’ arsenal is a patriotic American.

Respect & Honor the Flag, because it stands for our Freedom

I Stand For the National Anthem

Oh, say can you see,
By the dawn's early light,
What so proudly we hailed,
At the twilight's last gleaming?
Whose broad stripes and bright stars,
Through the perilous fight,
O'er the ramparts we watched,
Were so gallantly streaming.
And the rocket's red glare,
The bombs bursting in air,
Gave proof through the night,
That our flag was still there.
Oh say does that star spangled banner yet wave,
For the land of the free, and the home of the brave.




Saturday, November 11, 2017

Hug a Veteran this Veterans Day

Happy Veterans Day

This Nation will remain the land of the Free only so long as it is the home of the Brave.

To honor our military personnel; the Memorial Day is a day to remember and pay respect to all the men and women who died serving our beloved USA, the Greatest Nation on Earth, while Veterans Day is to celebrate the soldiers and other service members who are still alive and served in the forces at anytime, during peace or war.

In the USA, Veterans Day annually falls on November 11. This day is the anniversary of the signing of the armistice, which ended the World War I hostilities between the Allied nations and Germany in 1918. Veterans are thanked for their services to the United States on Veterans Day.

In 2016, I posted a message about this significant day in the life of every patriotic American; It is my honor and pleasure to re-post it once again in  honor of our heroes whose Courage and Valor made the United States of America the beacon of freedom and democracy for the entire world.

Honoring all who served

On this Veterans’ Day, spread the word. Let us remember the efforts of our proud and strong Veterans for they bravely struggled to achieve our country’s liberty and freedom.

Happy Veterans Day to all the people who had shown so much love for our country. They willingly offered their life even if it meant giving up all their happiness.


A hero is someone who has given his or her life for something bigger than oneself.

For your unselfish efforts … For serving our country selflessly,
We Salute YOU!

Happy Veterans Day


Sunday, October 8, 2017


----------- HANDBOOK PROPOSAL -----------


To our Brave Men and Women in Uniform who are Heroically Fighting for Freedom, Honor, Justice, & Hope for all Mankind.

Amer H. Hanna


It is not about you and it is definitely not about me, it is always about doing the right thing in the right place and at the right time for the sake of our country and our people! ~Amer Hanna Fatuhi

The proposed cross-cultural communication handbook could have has some far-reaching implications with major impacts on our lives and businesses.

Those who are quite familiar with my books and studies, realize that I am an author who strongly believes that we can build solid bridges between the US and the world in a way that will significantly benefit both parties. My main focus in the book entitled WINNING IRAQ AGAIN soon to be submitted for publishing is not why we lost Iraq which negatively impacted the USA for over a decade on every economic and social level, but on how we could win it back by righting the wrong. This unique handbook could simply act as a tool in reinstating the US - Iraq alliance as well as paving the way for both countries’ prosper.

My book is also not just another book about Iraq; rather it is a much needed recipe for professionally protecting our troops and a successful strategy to win Iraq through winning back the Iraqi layman, the cornerstone for any lasting and constructive US - Iraq relationship.

Iraq (ancient Mesopotamia) was the focal point of the ancient world and the land of firsts, creator of mankind’s most significant achievements; agriculture, education, medicine, health system, science, architects, fine arts and literature, you name it. It is also located in the center of the world’s conflicts, yet it is the starting point for any future solution. Iraq was and still is, Biblically, the land of Eden and the birthplace of Father Abraham. Scientifically, it is the land of order out of chaos as well as the land for peace, beauty, and prosperity.

The Book Demographic Target and Contribution
This book will be available as hardcopy as well as digital online forms. It will also be handed out and mailed free for the interested major Defense Language Institutes and related institutions, public libraries, educational, and cultural institutions in Metro Detroit.
Your Sponsorship that would cover a small portion of the printing and marketing expenses, will efficiently market your business among culturally diverse population, communities and individuals.

 Your Benefits are Worthwhile:
1- Your sponsorship will be mentioned inside the book, which will market your service/business on every accessible level (Local Statewide, and Countrywide).
2- It will also be posted in all accessible traditional and electronic media, including major social media pages.
3- A complementary one-year, 4-spots- a day audio ad (in Arabic and English) valued at $2,800 on Baghdad… 24/7 Live-online Radio, which you can enjoy at .
4- Your contribution will also be professionally mentioned in the only Iraqi-American digital magazine in the USA.

To learn more about the first edition that was highly regarded by the Commanding General Raymond T. Odierno, United States Forces - Iraq in 2010, simply visit:
Your financial contribution to this project is not only patriotic and noble but it is quite crucial at this hard time when America is facing domestic and foreign threats. Your positive response to this invitation would be greatly appreciated.

Below is a list of contents of the Second Edition. Upon agreeing on financing the publishing of the book, a physical copy will be provided to your experts to view the contents with a special page that would appreciate your sponsorship.

----------- HANDBOOK CONTENTS -----------
* Special Thanks
* Dedication

* Preface

* Fast Facts about IRAQ  
* History, Land, & People
a- A Brief History of IRAQ | b- The Land | c- The People:

I- Iraqi Arab & Arabizeds | II- Iraqi Kurds & Failies | III- Chaldeans / Native Iraqis | IV- Iraqi Turkmens | V- Mandaeans | VI- Iraqi Armenians | VII- Yazidis | VIII- Iraqi Shabak | IX- Iraqi Mi’dan

The Three Golden Keys!
I- Religion
a- Islam: 1-Muslims of the World | 2- Muslims of IRAQ
b- Christianity … The Second Major Religion in IRAQ
c- Other minor religions: Judaism / Sabeanism / Baha’ie / Kaka’ie

II- Language as a Vital Factor

Iraqi Dialects and Slang / Survival Words and Sentences
        1- Greetings & More!
        2- Patrolling and street slang
        3- Parts of the City and Village
        4- Time, Directions, Numerals, & Weather
        5- Professions

        6- Illustrated Body Parts
        7- Illustrated Average Iraqi House

III- Cultural Awareness Tips

* Further Information

You can also check out the contents of the first edition 
Please remember that seizing this opportunity to support this vital handbook means offering our military personnel as well as any official delegation who are serving overseas an indispensable tool to tackle any future challenge they might face on the ground in the Middle East in general and Iraq in particular. Standing with us, could simply save the lives of those who are, Ready, Willing & Able to tirelessly protect America. 

Very Respectfully,

Amer H. F. Hanna, Ph.D. Candidate
Cross-cultural Communication Expert, Visual Artist & Historian
Former Senior Adviser for the US Army on Middle East Ethno-religious Affairs
Former Senior Liaison, US Army - US Embassy, Baghdad
235th US Army Birthday, Strength of the Nation Award Nominee

Direct: 248.217.5555 | Baghdad 24/7 Live-online Radio

GS13 Hanna & Major General J. Anderson,US Army, 2010 Iraq
(Currently) Lieutenant General Joseph Anderson


Thursday, October 5, 2017


In 521 B.C., the Babylonians appointed their own king, Nebuchadnezzar IV, and the city rebelled. Darius’ gigantic army defeated the rebel army and captured Babylon. Then the Chaldean king who died fighting to the last breath and his small army (Dead or alive) were impaled inside the city.
In 482 B.C., Babylon rebelled against the occupation of the Median Empire, killing the Persian ruler and defeating the Persian army. Xerxes, the king, sent an enormous army under the command of his brother-in-law to capture the city in the beginning of October. The Persian army destroyed the temples and took away the idol of the Babylonian god Mardukh and once again, over three thousand Chaldean revolutionists were impaled inside the city on or around October 6, 482 BC.

Since 2013, the day October 6, 2013 was approved by most Chaldean political parties, cultural and socials organizations and activists all over the world. October 6 became the official Chaldean Martyr’s Day.

Chaldean Martyr's Day on October 6 is not just about honoring and remembering those who fell defending the Chaldean name throughout our long and deep history, but it is all about how we keep those sacrifices by our ancestors alive. It is also about keeping the Chaldean Nation and its diehard people free from threats of terror and persecution.

If the blood of the martyrs is the seed of our nation, then our Chaldean nation is the blood vessel of the prosperous future. ~ Amer Hanna Fatuhi, Visual Artist and Historian.

Monday, October 2, 2017


The American flag is a symbol of Freedom, Liberty and Human Rights


Who knows better than those who used to be persecuted in their own homeland how great the United States of America is?

Dear All, I am quite aware of this fact first hand as I was detained, tortured for defending the freedom of speech and for being one sharp voice of the indigenous people of Iraq - Chaldean Babylonians.  I fled my homeland after been sentenced to death; I was sentenced to death three times by Saddam’s regime.

I have never been more free and more alive during my entire life the way I feel as an American now. I am willing and ready to take a bullet any time defending the US Flag and what stands for.

May the LORD Bless America; the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.

Amer H. Hanna, Ph.D. Candidate
Visual Artist, Poet, & Historian
Former Senior Adviser for the US Army on Middle East Ethno-religious Affairs
235th US Army Birthday, Strength of the Nation Award Nominee

Sunday, September 24, 2017

The Eastern Aramaic Font | The Imperial Writing System

A New Achievement by the Historian & Visual Artist
Amer Hanna Fatuhi

The Eastern Aramaic Font | The Imperial Writing System 

09/24/2017 ̶ Source: UR Magazine, USA

After years of hard work and research, the scholar and visual artist Amer Hanna Fatuhi succeeded in building the writing digital unit (Electronic System) in 2013 of what is known as the Eastern Aramaic Writing System or the Imperial Writing System, which was used in ancient Mesopotamian and its extended boarders along the upper Euphrates’ cities of Amed, Urhoy/Urfa, and Qarqemish.

The historian scholar Amer Hanna Fatuhi’s research proved the authenticity of our writing system (the Eastern Chaldean / Maḏnḥāyā) that Paules Bar A’raqa of Urhoy derived the modern Esterangeli Font, which is also known as the (Heavey) during late second century or the begging of the 3rd century AD. The research also proved the unity of the language, the writing system, and the Chaldean-Babylonian history with our brothers in ethnicity, the peaceful members of the Sabean Mandaean Sect.

It is hoped that the artist and the brilliant multimedia engineer John Romi, who is known for his abstract-expressionism style in his artworks that promote the Mandaic Font, to work hand in hand with the artist, poet, and historian Amer Hanna Fatuhi to develop and program this font electronically as an App. This App will be compatible with the latest communication technology, and would help the interested people to install it into all modern digital devices, including the Smartphone.

Courtesy of / Kindly refer to the source when reposting this news.

The Eastern Aramaic Font (UR Mag USA)

للمؤرخ والفنان التشكيلي الكلدانيإنجاز جديد 
عامر حنا فتوحي 

الخط الآرامي المشرقي | القلم الإمبراطوري الرافدي

ترجمة طبق الأصل عن مجلة أور الإلكترونية ~
بعد دراسة دؤوبة ومستفيضة دامت لعدة سنوات نجح الباحث الأكاديمي والفنان التشكيلي عامر حنا فتوحي عام 2013م في تكوين وحدة قلم رقمية (نظام الكتروني) لما يعرف بأسم (الخط الآرامي المشرقي) أو (القلم الإمبراطوري) المستخدم في وادي الرافدين وأمتداداته حتى أعالي مدن نهر الفرات، آمد وأورفا / أورهوي وقرقميش.

وقد أكدت نتائج بحث الأستاذ المؤرخ عامر حنا فتوحي على أصالة قلمنا (الكلداني المشرقي / مدنحايا) الذي أستنبط منه بولس بر عَرَقا الرهاوي قلمنا الأسطرنجيلي الحديث المعروف بالثقيل في أوخر القرن الثاني أو مطلع القرن الثالث للميلاد، كما أكدت نتائج البحث على وحدة اللغة والقلم والتاريخ الرافدي (الكلداني البابلي) مع أخوتنا في القومية من أبناء الطائفة الصابئة المندائية المسالمة.

من المؤمل أن يقوم الفنان المبدع ومهندس وسائل الإعلام المتنوعة المتمكن جان رومي، المعروف بلوحاته الفنية ذات الأسلوب التجريدي - التعبيري التي تعتمد القلم المندائي، بالتعاون مع الفنان والشاعر والمؤرخ المعروف عامر حنا فتوحي إلى تطوير مرتسمات عام 2013م وإعادة برمجتها ألكترونياً بشكل (آﭗ) لكي تتلائم مع تكنولوجيا الإتصالات الحديثة، مما سيُمّكن المعنيين من تركيبها وإستخدامها في كافة أجهزة الإتصال الحديثة وبضمنها الهواتف الذكية المحمولة.

لقراءة النص الإنكليزي الأصلي يمكنكم زيارة الرابط أدناه:

لقراءة المزيد عن هذا الموضوع باللغة العربية يمكنك زيارة الرابط أدناه:

كما يمكنكم قراءة المزيد من المواضيع على مدونة الأستاذ فتوحي أدناه:

كافة حقوق هذا الخبر محفوظة لمؤسسة (أور) لوسائل الإعلام المتنوع / يمكنكم تداول الخبر في وسائل الإعلام وصفحات التواصل الإجتماعي مع الإشارة لمصدر الخبر.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Mesopotamia Will Survive … Chaldeans Will Prevail

The above map was researched and sketched by the prominent Chaldean artist, poet, and historian Amer Hanna Fatuhi for his 2004 book CHALDEANS SINCE THE EARLY BEGINNING OF TIME, which was modified and expanded as an English version in 2012 under the new title “THE UNTOLD STORY OF NATIVE IRAQIS” | CHALDEANS . This map is the most authentic record of our Chaldean ancestors' land and the sea of the Chaldeans (Tam ti sha mat Kaldie).

Mesopotamia Will Survive … Chaldeans Will Prevail

It is not the first time in history, yet I hope it is going to be the last time that total foreigners who came to my ancestors’ homeland as refugees or invaders to take over a part of this holy land, Mesopotamia, where God’s love was practically shown for the first time ever in the history of mankind. That love was expressed openly, when a Chaldean man, *Abram / Abraham from UR of Chaldees was informed by God all mighty to emigrate from his ancestors' homeland (Babylonia) to the Promised Land (Israel).

The Sunni Kurds who were brought by the Ottoman Empire from Hamadan / Iran are no better than the Gutians, Medians, Achaemenids, the so-called Arabs, the Mongols, the Persian’s Safavids, the Turk’s Ottomans. They were all savage foreigners that will go down in history as evil forces that tried to take advantage of the dire situations that our indigenous people of ancient Mesopotamia (Chaldeans) were and still are facing under different occupations by others. The last two genocides were in 1915 (Armenians-Chaldeans) that was committed by the Ottoman Empire and the ongoing genocide since 2014 committed by multiple evil forces including ISIS, the Kurds’ political leaders, the Islamist Kurds political parties in northern Iraq and the so-called Arab Islamist’ political - religious parties in central and southern Iraq. However, we are still here! 

The cradle of civilization was not born / established yesterday, our remarkable Chaldean history goes back over 7000 years more than any race on this planet and we will go on to the end of times. We will not act the way those evil forces committed against us, we will not kill or abuse others when we are in power. Our destiny is to be the leaders of the human civilized world as we were for thousands of years. Our revenge as a great man stated once is WE Will Survive!


Through the Grace of our LORD, we will get back on our feet once again, and when we are back, we will show the entire world who really are the Chaldeans. If someone thinks that this is an illusion, then, let me tell you all, that this is a dream that one day will come true. You may be thinking of this dream according to human’s lifetime, however, I look at it through a bigger view, Mesopotamia / Beth Nahrain’s existence in history. Believe it or not, WE WILL PREVAIL, time will bail me out!


*(Genesis 11:28

And Haran died before his father Terah in the land of his nativity, in Ur of the Chaldees.

Genesis 12: 1

The LORD had said to Abram, “Go from your country, your people and your father’s household to the land I will show you.

Genesis 15: 7

He also said to him, "I am the LORD, who brought you out of Ur of the Chaldeans to give you this land to take possession of it.")