Saturday, September 14, 2019

Happy Birthday Baba … From Uruk with Ultimate Love

My Baba is Love, Respect, & Trust … Thanks Dad

"Thank you for always sacrificing so much of your time and energy for me and our family, and always working so hard to support us all. I'm very grateful to have such a kind and loving father and role model in my life. I LOVE YOU! 💕"

On September 15, your birthday and every day … Hugs & Kisses from Earth to the Stars and Back. 
Happy Birthday Baba, the Greatest Father Ever & Many Happy Returns ~ Uruk

Thanks Libbi … My everlasting love, sweetheart, and favorite daughter … Baba

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

In Remembrance of 9 / 11

Remembering September 11 — 18 Years Later

We Will Never Forget

United We Stand, Divided We Fall

Every year on September 11th, we mourn, remember, reflect, and try to make sense of the mass terrorism that occurred on that day.
No logic or math can figure out the mentality of those lowlife cowards who committed that vicious tragedy!
These evil Jihadists know no language but the language of blood!
They asked for it and we are giving them the answer!

We will keep coming for them all the way to their Rats' nest!
They can run but they cannot hide!

We Will Never Forget … We Will Never Forgive!

في كل يوم 11 أيلول نتفجع ونتذكر وتتولد لدينا ردود فعل، نحاول أن نفهم المنطق خلف هذا الإرهاب الواسع الذي حدث يومذاك
لا منطق ولا حسابات رياضية يمكن أن تستوعب عقلية هؤلاء الحثالات الجبانة التي أرتكبت هذه المأساة البشعة

هؤلاء الجهاديون (الإسلامويون) الأشرار لا يعرفون لغةً غير لُغة الدمْ
لقد طلبوا الدمْ ونحن سنعطيهم إجابة دموية

سنظل نطاردهم حتى جحور الجرذان التي يتوارون فيها
يمكنهم أن يهربوا ولكن لا يمكنهم أن يتواروا

نحن لن ننسى ولن نسامح