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Happy Babylon Day ... Elul / September 1st

BABYLON DAY … Elul / September 1st

In less than two weeks, we the CHALDEANS, the indigenous people of Iraq “Ancient Mesopotamia” will celebrate the most remarkable and celebrated city in the history of the world BABYBLON / Bâb-ilim (Bab-Elu), which means the Gate of the God.
Babylon was described in Jeremiah as “a golden cup in the Lord’s hand . . . she made the whole earth drunk” (Jer. 51:7). Babylon was the largest city in the ancient world. It was (5) five times bigger than Athens and (17) seventeen times bigger than AssurFrom the time of Hammurabi to the Time of Nabu-na'id, Babylon became the golden capital of the ancient world, its impenetrable Walls and the Hanging Gardens (all together) were considered one of the Seven wonders of the world.

September 1st is Babylon Day (Yuma d Babel) for all Chaldeans all over the world, which marks the commemorating of Nebuchadnezzar II, the Sun-king of the mighty Chaldeans who returned from his campaign to conquer Egypt to Babylon and ascended the throne in the year 605 BC / 4695 K … Are Chaldeans ready to celebrate this outstanding annual  joyful day?  … I hope so.

From Nabu Khadnezzar Page to all Chaldeans and Friends all over the world we would love to wish you all a very Happy Babylon Day & many Happy Returns. ~ Dr. Amer Hanna Fatuhi, Ph.D / The Untold Story of Native Iraqis, PP94-110

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