Sunday, November 15, 2020

CHALDEAN LEGACY | An exclusive interview


An exclusive interview with the Prominent Scholar Dr. Amer Hanna Fatuhi

By Uruk Shendaj

Walking with the Indigenous Mesopotamians | 5300 B.C. – Present

Dr. Fatuhi is a well known visual artist and scholar in the field of ancient Mesopotamian history. He is also an established author who has 17 published books. This brief interview is an update about his upcoming book, CHALDEAN LEGACY.
♦ We were expecting your book Chaldean Legacy: Architects of the Land of Firsts to be released about a year ago; however, the Facebook page Nabu Khadnezzar / “Nebuchadnezzar” stated that you are in the process of releasing the book in mid-November 2020.
- As you know, every academic book is a study that covers a certain field or an aspect of that field. However, this book is a unique one because it does not only present Chaldeans, the indigenous people of ancient Iraq, through solid documents and physical discoveries, but it also covers in-depth their achievements that are considered the foundation of humankind!
♦ Dr. Fatuhi, is there a specific date in your mind to release the book?
- It’s no secret that I have completed the first version of the book in mid-2018. Still, after closely examining it, I recognized that it would be just another satisfactory book about Mesopotamia, but that’s not what I was aiming at publishing. I do not publish traditional books. Unless my book covers unexplored, tough grounds that shed more light on Mesopotamia and its natives, I am not interested in publishing it.
Frankly, I have just moved past the previous version and started over once again from scratch with deeper research and wider studies until I developed this new version with which I am quite satisfied. This improved study is still going through a very careful process to enhance it through new research and sketched illustrations aside from other materials that I expect will make this book one of a kind. November 15th, 2020, was the original release date until some serious challenges, including expecting some irregularity outcome, would occur during the U.S. election, which made me rethink the idea of releasing it in mid-November 2020!
♦ Dr. Amer Fatuhi, if mid-November is out of the picture now, when do you expect to release the book, and what date is most convenient?
- As you might know, politicizing COVID-19 is not only crippling the nation, but, in fact, it is jeopardizing almost everything in our once normal lives. I have recently learned that my plan to have three book-signing events in Michigan and other locations that were supposed to occur, i.e., California and Arizona is no longer feasible. The virus and its related issues heavily impacted vital marketing factors. Therefore, I am thinking of moving the release date to 2021. Considering that January is a dead month and February is not that promising, the best option is to release my book on March 21st, 2021, when Chaldeans celebrate Mother Tongue Day. However, anyone is welcome to preorder the book by February 3rd as an exceptional Valentine’s Day gift.
More information, including the purchase details and the publishing company info, will be published on the official website of the book  HYPERLINK "", my Blog  HYPERLINK "" \t "_blank", and a few Social pages, including  HYPERLINK ""
♦ Is there something else you’d like to add as a closing point of this interview?
I would like to wholeheartedly thank all Chaldeans and friends for following up with me on this groundbreaking book with the utmost love and gratitude. I would also like to thank the many interested academic institutions, educational-cultural organizations, and many social media outlets worldwide for their unwavering support for Chaldeans, the indigenous people of Iraq who deserve to be recognized and appreciated in their homeland’s constitution.  

Courtesy of IAMN, USA

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